Who we are

Mosaic is more than a building. We don’t even own a building. We gather together in multiple environments—homes, halls, cafes, pubs, and more—and our sense of ‘place’ stretches far beyond any one particular location.

God cannot be contained within any building and so first and foremost we are a community of people. Buildings and meetings are not what define us. 

We exist to empower people to use their gifts, talents, and passions both in the world and for the good of the world.

Our goal is not to consume people with a life of church activities and meetings.

Our community is both a safe place and a dangerous place to be. We are a safe place to come with questions, doubts, hurts, brokenness, and uncertainty. But we a dangerous place to be for anyone who is hoping to merely be part of an insular religious bubble. Mosaic does not exist to pull people away from normal, everyday life and relationships.

We are an organic and experimental community, ever learning, growing, and adapting in order to ever help more people find peace and discover life in all its fullness.

Our desire is to connect with those people for who religion and church has become a barrier rather than an aid to the journey of becoming fully alive.

Mosaic exists to carry on the mission Jesus began: shining light into the dark places of our world, giving voice to the voiceless, bringing hope into the midst of despair and, above all, loving people—all people—without judgmentalism.

In other words, we are a community of people who want to be fully engaged with the world around us and get our hands dirty in trying to make it a better, more beautiful place.

Our desire to create beauty and influence our world doesn’t mean we feel compelled to ‘convert’ everyone to believe the exact same things and behave in the exact same ways.

We have people in our midst with many different perspectives, beliefs, and lifestyles—every piece of Mosaic is a unique shape and size. But one thing unites us, and that is a communal sense of inspiration from the life and teaching of Jesus. And it is in following in Jesus' footsteps that we are changed—not the rules, regulations, or legalism of any religion.

More than any other human in history, in Jesus we see someone who gives us a picture of what it truly means to be human. His way of life overflows with love and compassion, hope and healing, faith and purpose.

In completely unique ways, we all can play a part in making our world more human. We all have a a role to play. There’s a place for each of us in Mosaic.