What we do

Below is an overview of many of the regular events and activities both going on at Mosaic and which Mosaic members are actively involved with away from Mosaic. Go to the Events page to find out when they're next happening. 



Mosaic is first-and-foremost a place to serve. We exist to empower everyone to use their gifts and talents in the world and for the good of the world. This happens primarily within the contexts of our everyday lives with friends, neighbours, and colleagues.

However, there are also many different projects, events, activities, groups, and charities that members of our Mosaic community are actively involved serving with. These include: Vox Book ClubCaboodle Improv TheatreBesomOasis South AfricaCompassionFir Street Baby & Toddler Group, Tek Gud Photos, Toddler Art, and more. 

None of these are run by or affiliated with Mosaic but simply represent many of the ways in which members of Mosaic actively serve within our city.

As well as encouraging everyone in our community to serve outside of Mosaic, there is also a real all-hands-on-deck culture when we do gather together and plenty of opportunities to serve. This can be as simple as contributing food to our bring and share community meals through to using any musical talent in helping to lead our times of community singing.

The expectation is that we all have something to offer when we gather and we rely on everyone to make Mosaic happen, not just a few leaders. 

You can discuss any of these, and ways we can support you in serving others, at any of our gatherings.





One evening a week Mosaic gathers together in homes. It's a time to connect with each other and with God through prayer, meditation, Scripture, worship, conversation, and more. 

Other events

As well as the weekly midweek gathering, we also have various other events and activities that we run from time to time. These include The Marriage CourseThe Parenting Course, and also StrengthsFinder events. 


Mosaic doesn't have any traditional Sunday Sunday services. We do have different activities on most Sunday's however...

First Sunday: Gathering

We start each month with a community gathering, bringing together kids and grownups to sing songs, engage with a thought-provoking activity, and share a community meal. It’s fun, relaxed, and brings our whole community together in a hall for a time of celebration as a community. 

WHEN: 4pm
WHERE: St Mary’s Community Parish Hall, Walkley

Second Sunday: Social

On the third Sunday of every month we have a much more informal, social family-friendly get-together as a community. We have this social time as an easy opportunity for people to bring friends along and for new people to have the chance to meet us and get to know us in a relaxed, comfortable environment. 

WHEN: 10.30am (usually)

Third Sunday: Messy Mosaic

On the third Sunday of every month we have a special, family orientated gathering. This is a safe space for kids and grownups to explore faith, spirituality and the message of Jesus in creative and imaginative ways. Messy Mosaic is free, open to everyone, and finishes with a bring and share tea.

WHEN: 4pm
WHERE: St Mary’s Community Parish Hall, Walkley

Fourth Sunday: Community Brunch

On the fourth Sunday of every month we meet in homes for a community meal. It’s a safe, informal and relaxed time for the whole community to connect and enjoy life together. 

WHEN: 10am
WHERE: In homes