Mosaic in January

All you need to know about what's going on with Mosaic this January!


1st Sunday (6th) — Mosaic at Home
10.30am for brunch at the Radfords'.

2nd Sunday (13th) — Messy Mosaic
Ezekiel 37, The Valley of Dry Bones; God breathing new life into our dry bones for the New Year.

3rd Sunday (20th) — Mosaic Social
We'll be meeting at Starbucks in Orchard Square at 10.30 for coffee and conversation.

4th Sunday (27th) — Mosaic Gathering
St Mary's Community Parish Hall, Walkley. Looking at the last 'Soul Craving', Destiny.

Other Events This Month

Fire Night

— Monday 14th
At the Randalls' (192 Bell Hagg Road). We'll be praying and asking for vision for Mosaic in 2013.

Daytime Prayer

 — Monday Afternoons
We meet about 12.30 ish, email Mosaic or ask Natalie for more info.

Up Coming Events

The Marriage Course

7 week marriage course starting Monday 18th February. The Marriage Course is a series of sessions designed to help any married couple strengthen their relationship. The course covers subjects such as:

  • Building strong foundations 
  • The art of communication 
  • Resolving conflict
  • The impact of family

It's not just for people who feel their marriage is in 'trouble'. Ryan and I I did it last year to see what it was like and we found it surprisingly beneficial!

More info will be available soon, but let us know if you're interested.

Mosaic in the Garden

We have been given the opportunity to share the up keep of an allotment in Walkley. At some point in February we will be getting busy clearing the space and making it look like something that resembles an allotment. All hands on deck for this one!

Easter and Lent at Mosaic

  • Easter Sunday is the 31st March this year. Mosaic will be doing something on that day but details have not been finalised.
  • Fire Night falls within the 1st week of Lent and so we will be having 'Ash Monday' on 11th Feb, details to be finalised soon.
  • During Lent we will be fasting (a variety of personalised fasts) and collecting money for Besom. We will be praying about where we want the money to go in the next few weeks

Imogen's Dedication

    Imogen Radford is being dedicated at St Mary's Community Hall in Walkley on 23rd Feb at 3pm. Rachel and Sam will be hosting with Mosaic and would love as many people as possible to be there.