Maundy Thursday


Today is Maundy Thursday. It’s the day we remember the night before the day of Jesus’ crucifixion. We focus on the Last Supper, Jesus’ agonising prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, the betrayal with a kiss by Judas, the soldiers taking him captive, and the betrayal by his own disciples.

It’s not happy, feel good stuff. It’s raw. Brutally raw. And it’s easy to gloss over this and focus on the nicer elements of the Christian faith. But why don’t we take some time today to fully allow ourselves to go into this dark moment in history? 

Let’s meditatively put ourselves in Jesus’ place, feeling the full reality of his pain, anguish and distress. And then let’s put ourselves in the place of Judas, the disciples, and the soldiers too. Imagine how it must have been for each of them. Take some time to truly enter in and feel all the emotions from all the perspectives of everyone involved, allowing this story to permeate every crevice of our hearts and mind. 

And, on this day where we remember the inauguration of what we now know as Holy Communion, why don’t we get together with our spouse, family, or a few friends, and bring our thoughts, prayers, and meditations together around an intimate sharing of bread and wine in our homes tonight?