A quick catchup after the first Mosaic midweek gathering

Last night was the first of our new midweek gatherings and the start of our twelve month journey through Brian McLaren's ‘We Make the Road by Walking’. As we mentioned in the update a few days ago, we recognise that for most people, attending every midweek gathering is not going to be an option. The expectation really is that people will just get along to a couple of them in any given month. 

Obviously, on the weeks people aren't at the gathering, you'll miss out on the conversation around the theme and chapter from the book, but the intention is that we all read the chapter for the week, regardless of whether we'll be able to make the gathering. That way we can all keep up and not miss out.

And it would be good to find ways to discuss the chapter in our homes with housemates, spouses, partners, and kids too. The more we invest into reading, discussing, and learning, the more we'll get out of it. 

As for last night, it was a good time. We opened with some prayers and sang a few simple worship songs, and then we took turns to read aloud the three passages of Scripture (Genesis 1–2:3; Psalm 19; Matthew 6:25–34) that were encouraged to be read in harmony with the first chapter of the book. We then read a short section from chapter one and moved into a time of conversation.

We won't try and recount that discussion here, but we would definitely recommend that everyone read through chapter one this week. And we'll then be meeting again next week (Wednesday 10th September). If people can have read the chapter before we meet that will always be helpful, but it's not essential, so don't let that ever stop you coming!

We'll just finish this update by posting one of the questions at the end of the chapter that would be good for us all to ponder this week:

This week, choose one facet of creation that you love—birds, trees, weather, soil, water, light, children, sex, ageing, sleep. Observe it, think about it, learn about it at every chance you can, with this question in mind: If that element of creation were your only Bible, what would it tell you about God?

Sam Radford

I tell stories and share ideas. I’m a pragmatic idealist fascinated by technology, science, faith, politics, relationships, and what it means to be human.