What’s next for Mosaic?

This Monday (1st September) sees the start of us using Brian McLaren’s ‘We Make the Road by Walking’ as a basis for conversation throughout the next twelve months at Mosaic. The book has fifty-two chapters and it is meant to be read a chapter each week.

We’ll be using the book in several ways. It will be used as part of the new weekly midweek gathering in homes that will start this Monday (more on that below). This will provide space for us to discuss the themes and questions that emerge from each chapter. 

But we also hope that, on a different level, the content each week might serve as a kind of household devotional. It can be the basis for conversation with housemates, as couples, and for those of us who are parents, we hope we can use it with our kids too. Having read the chapter ourselves it would be good to find ways in our week to raise some of the content in conversation with our kids. The chapter ends with questions for discussion that incorporate some aimed at kids. They may or may not be helpful, but it could be really significant to find ways to include our kids with this journey over the next twelve months.

Midweek gathering

One of the slight changes to how we gather as Mosaic is the addition of a new weekly midweek gathering. This is designed to be quality time for the adults in our community to engage with God and each other. It’s going be a combination of Fire Night and Passages in how it feels. 

It’s worth making clear that we have no expectation that everyone will be there every week! We just want to have something happening each week for people to engage with when they can. We are very aware that, due to many of us having kids, only one of us can get out on any typical midweek evening. That said, we’d like to encourage people to try and aim to get to two midweek gatherings in any given month. We think you’ll enjoy them!

There won’t be any set day of the week for the midweek gathering. We realise that may be helpful to some and a hindrance to others, but we’ll start out this way and see how things go. You can see all the days and dates for the midweek gatherings on our new Events page. If you click on any of the events you’ll get an option to add it straight to your Google or Apple calendar on your phone. 


Alongside the addition of a regular midweek gathering, Sunday’s will keep a similar rhythm but simplify these somewhat. There won’t necessarily be a talk at the gathering on the first Sunday; it’ll simply be a big celebration for adults and kids together with time to sing songs, engage in a thought-provoking activity, and share a community meal together. 

The second Sunday with Messy Mosaic will remain the same. As will the social on the third Sunday. But on the fourth Sunday, instead of trying to have meaningful conversation with kids causing chaos all around, we’re simply going to make this a monthly community meal together and share communion together. 

As ever, we’ll keep listening and learning and tweak things to try and find a rhythm as a community that works for us while helping us and other truly connect to God. 

At the heart of everything with all these tweaks and changes though is a desire to simplify. We want to just focus on making space to connect with God and creating a community that is inviting to all and great for kids to learn the way of Jesus. 

Please do take some time to read the new Who we are and What we do pages on our website. These are works in progress that we hope will help to capture both where we feel we are as a community whilst also giving a aspirational sense of who we feel Mosaic is called to become. 

We’ll talk more about all this in the upcoming weekly midweek gatherings, but we wanted to at least put something out so everyone is in the loop with where we’re at. 

Sam Radford

I tell stories and share ideas. I’m a pragmatic idealist fascinated by technology, science, faith, politics, relationships, and what it means to be human.