Getting ready for September

As we come towards the end of our summer Sabbath at Mosaic, we wanted to start to get prepared for what we sense is next for us as a community. 

We've been doing plenty of thinking and praying as a leadership team and have much we’re looking forward to start unpacking come September (even as we still try and discern what we feel God wants our community to look like and what he's calling us to do). 

In the meantime, we would like to encourage each household to get hold of a copy of a book ready for September that we're actually going to spend a whole year exploring. (Hence you'll really miss out if you don’t get a copy!) 

We'll share more about the book and how we intend to use it in due course, but if people could grab a copy of 'We Make the Road by Walking' by Brian McClaren over the next week or so, that'd help make sure we're all ready to go come next month. 

You can pick up the eBook version from Amazon or the iBookstore, or a paperback version, also from Amazon. 

We'll begin to explore some of what we think Mosaic is going to look like moving forward, and take a look at chapter one of the book at a midweek gathering on Monday 1st September (7.30pm at the Radford's). 

We're very aware everyone getting together is a rare occurrence and will update people via our website and Facebook page as well so no one is left behind or out of the loop if you can't be there. 

We're so grateful for our small little community and for the contributions each and everyone of you bring. We're excited about what lies ahead and looking forward to seeing what God wants to teach us and how he wants to use us to create beauty in our wonderful city.

Sam Radford

I tell stories and share ideas. I’m a pragmatic idealist fascinated by technology, science, faith, politics, relationships, and what it means to be human.