The next 3 months and beyond!

Every 3 months as a leadership team, we review where we're at as a community of faith and look to the future. We have some changes coming up starting from September with the rhythm of Mosaic, order of Sunday activities and mid-week events. When looking to the next quarter, there were a few key things that came out:

We want to raise our expectation for new people engaging with what we're doing alongside a desire to increase the impact of what we do. 

We felt we could do this by preparing things in advance, and having a theme that runs through everything we do during any given month (There will be separate email introducing the theme for September onwards and will explore our journey from serving ourselves to serving others). This will run through the monthly gathering, Mosaic@home, Messy Mosaic, Fire night and a new discussion night. To best do this we are moving the Gathering to the first Sunday of the month where each theme will be introduced. 

We want to encourage more engagement with God through prayer, worship and the scriptures, expect God to move, and want to make Fire night and Discussion night something that we all aim to take part in and are accessible to more people.

People engage with God and each other in different ways so hopefully, if the same theme runs through everything, we can all find something that connects with us and the people we know around us.

Mosaic's Monthly Rhythm

First Sunday - GATHERING

This will incorporate worship, a thought/challenge, response, communion, activities for the kids (which will fit with the theme and be prepared in advance and we will make sure we know who is doing the kids stuff each month to make it less last minute), and food. It is our chance to spend focused time with God and begin to explore and be challenged by the theme for the month.

Second Sunday - MESSY MOSAIC

Messy Mosaic has usually stood alone from other themes that are going on but it is another environment for people to find and explore faith and will tie-in with the theme. These are quite broad themes and there is a lot of room for creativity within them! Our hope is that more and more people will find Messy Mosaic a place they can explore following Jesus.

Third Sunday - SOCIAL

The aim of this has always been to act as an accessible route to meet our community. Whatever we do needs to be open to others joining us and be something we feel we can invite them into. It can be at any point over the weekend and if you have an idea - speak out!

Fourth Sunday - MOSAIC@HOME

This will be an informal space where we can wrap up the theme for the month. Activities are able to be conducive to the noise of kids and life! We will try and allocate people to provide something for the children to do but not for as long as the Gathering. We have some resources that we can use so that it is easy for anyone to plan and do the kids' activities. 


This is now the Monday or Wednesday after the Mosaic Social. It's a space for prayer, worship, listening and talking to God—communion with God. Our hope is that out of this we see answers to prayer and faith strengthened. It will be in homes but we are exploring moving it into other venues.


This is a space to explore scriptures, topics and issues related to the theme in more depth. It is usually the Monday or Wednesday after the Mosaic Gathering. The first of these will be in a pub and we'll see how it goes from there...


We are looking to increase our involvement in serving those in need whether that be through Besom, opportunities in our neighbourhoods, needs of people in our Mosaic community, or situations abroad.


The plan at the moment is to do carols—probably in Starbucks as they were happy to have us last time—on Sunday 15th December. If you can be thinking of things we can do for this and how we can be outward focused, that'd be great! 


These are things we would like to develop in the future with the resources we already have so please let us know if you'd be interested in helping with this.

There will be the usual monthly email with specific dates very soon and a chance to talk through anything relating to the above!

Thanks for reading! We are excited and expectant for Mosaic having an increasing impact in the lives of those touched by our community and that we will further discover our place in this city.


(& Sam, Ryan and Emily!)