Mosaic in March

How is March already upon us? Here's all the March news about Mosaic.


1st Sunday (3rd) — Mosaic at Home
4pm at The Morgans' house, contact us for details.

2nd Sunday (10th) — Messy Mosaic
4pm at St Mary's Community Parish Hall, Walkley. Continuing the series on Love, Hope and Faith. Next up is HOPE! 

3rd Sunday (17th) — Mosaic Social
Venue TBC (check Facebook for details)

4th Sunday (24th) — Mosaic Gathering
4pm at St Mary's Community Parish Hall, Walkley. We'll be continuing our series called ‘Soul Environments’, This month is 'Water' and we'll be looking at our second core value: Love is the context for all mission.

Other events this month


We continue to fast and collect money for Besom during this period.


Good Friday Brunch
does what it says on the tin.
Friday 29th March, 10.30, venue TBC

Easter Sunday
- Sunrise Worship at Burbage Edge, meet at Upper Burbage car park 5.30. bring hot drinks and hot cross buns
- Lunch and Worship, slightly more sociable hour of 12pm. Prayers, thanksgiving and worship, followed by lunch. venue TBC.

Fire Night

— There'll be no Fire Night this month due to The Marriage Course on the same evening.

Daytime Prayer

— Monday Afternoons
We meet about 12.30 ish, email Mosaic or ask Natalie for more info.

The Marriage Course

- The course is up and running and so far is going great. Please pray for all the couples attending.

Up Coming Events

Mosaic in the Garden

We have been given the opportunity to share the up keep of an allotment in Walkley. At some point in February we will be getting busy clearing the space and making it look like something that resembles an allotment. All hands on deck for this one!

Have a good month,